How it works.

PiPA is here to simplify authentication and make passwords a thing of the past.

Setup is easy.

A few simple steps and you’re ready to go, you don’t even need to sign up with your details if you don’t want to straight away.

Download & register the piPA APP

Available for Android and iOS, the PiPA app will make your smartphone your authenticating device.

Download the browser extension

Currently only available for Chrome, the PiPA browser extension acts as your launchpad to all your favourite services. Just click here to download the extension.

Pair the app with as many desktops and laptops you’d like to use with pipa

You can pair the PiPA app with all your devices you regularly use but you can also simply download and install the browser extension on temporary devices. Once you’re done you can end the session or even remove your account from the extension using your PiPA app on your smartphone.

Extend the pipa experience by becoming a verified user

As a verified user you’ll benefit from being able to identify yourself without having to carry valuable documents around. To become verified you simply follow a few steps that use your passport or Identity Card to authenticate you, paying a small subscription fee of $2 once a year for the service.

A Unique Key

PiPA uses unique identifiers to create a key that’s as unique as you are. Assigning this to your fingerprint, this becomes the only way to decrypt your credentials from the military grade encryption.

One-Click Signup

PiPA makes signing up for new accounts a breeze. With one click, all of your details are automatically filled in based on the information in your digital profile and PiPA can even generate a unique complex password for added security.

Your Information

PiPA lets you control your information and details. You choose what you provide to services providers and no part of your identity or information will ever be distributed or sold.