We’ve made it easy to integrate with PiPA. Depending on how you want to use PiPA there are several options for integration.

Online Authorisation & Authentication

We provide an OpenID Connect compliant endpoint and support the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol. We’ve provided several ways of connecting:


  • Copy and paste the following code into your website.

  • The easiest way to create a PiPA Sign in button is to add a div element with the class “pipa-signin”.


  • We support the OpenID Connect protocol so all you need to do to connect your service is to use the OpenID library for your server framework.

  • The easiest way to create a PiPA Sign-in button is to add a div element with the class “pipa-signin” and include the following css file.

For more information or help contact us.

Automated Identity Verification

PiPA verified users can confirm their identity with a simple tap. You can request access to their identity by using Oauth 2.0 and requesting the ‘identity’ scope.

Both logged in users and those who aren’t can be verified the same way. Once they’ve approved the request you can use the following api endpoint to get their identity information.

In-person Authorisation

PiPA can be used in person as well as online. To use PiPA this way, download the PiPA *?Authorisation?* app. Authorising clients and getting identity information is as simple as requesting whichever information you need by tapping a button in the app and having the client approve the request.