You are the key

The PiPA app allows you to create and store your digital identity, turning your smartphone into an authenticating device. Imagine using your fingerprint to access everything. You never have to remember passwords, making logging in a breeze, or have to carry around ID documents when you can verify yourself with a touch of your finger.

The PiPA Browser Extension

The PiPA browser extension allows you to log in to your frequently used services. You only need to authenticate yourself once and the PiPA extension will securely log you in to all accounts without having to re-enter your credentials.

Easy Signup

Save yourself the hassle when setting up new accounts online by letting PiPA auto complete your key sign-up details with a click.

Complex Passwords

For added security, PiPA can generate complex passwords for your accounts, which are linked to and activated by your fingerprint.

Upgrading Industry Standards

PiPA is actively working with companies to eliminate the need to use passwords by integrating PiPA authentication with their services. Over time social media, websites, etc. will have this technology as more and more services come on board. PiPA is bridging the gap between a world of passwords that are inconvenient and insecure to a place where you can access everything in a way that is safe and easy.

Verified Users

Being PiPA verified means you belong to a community of trusted circles. Never suffer the hassle of carrying around ID documents, when PiPA can verify your name, age, photo and anything else you choose to share with someone, with a touch of your finger. Now you can buy age-restricted products, go to concerts and enter a venue without the fear of being stopped at the gates. You can even go on a date with someone you’ve never met before without the worry of being misled about their identity.

Get Started

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